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History of TENT

Bill Waugh, Anna Mae Patterson, Jim Schultz, Pat Habicht, and Bette Myerson met to discuss starting an elder support organization in the spring of 2016. 

Our first public meeting was in Bette's living room on July 12 of 2016.  At that meeting we discussed the idea, recommended reading the book by Atul Gawande, Being Mortal, and chose a Steering Committee consisting of Patsy Scott, Jim Schultz, Marianne Furedi, Bill Waugh, Jo Swann, and Bette Myerson.  Our first Steering Committee meeting was Sept 28 2016. Our first name was Aging at Home in Taos County. 

Bill Waugh, a long time resident of Taos Retirement Village, was looking for more immediate services and started working with the State Aging and Long-term Services Department, while others were living in the Valverde Commons intentional living community and started at looking at how to help in their immediate community and the broader Taos area. The State group came to visit Valverde Commons and held a public meeting at El Monte Sagrado. 

The original name was changed in Spring of 2017, when we incorporated and developed a marketing plan with the help of Ron Furedi.  Deborah Fair facilitated our Vision and Mission statements.

We have held public meetings in October 2016, May, July, and September of 2017, the last of these being the Atul Gawande webcast, and roughly every other month since.

We had our first Members in September 2018 and offered service to these Members in October 2018.


Past Volunteer Training

Overview of Dementia
Behavior Change Communication

Safety Training for Volunteers

Caring for our Frailest Members

Privacy Issues

Shared Housing

Don't know how to Ask for Help?


Past Public Meetings

May 2019 Simplify your life: Declutter

March 2019 Say Yes! to new Adventures

January 2019 What's in your Library for You?

May, 2018 public meeting – SF Opera 2018 preview

March, 2018 public meeting Don’t Let Your Heart Get Small – Rose Gordon

January, 2018 – Ellen Wood

May 2017 ArtStreams from the Wells of Memory - Kathleen Burg

July 12, 2017, Richard Leirer public presentation on Tai Chi.
Sept 25, 2017,  Atul Gawande web cast.

Contact us at or 575/224-6335 or TENT, PO Box 3561, Taos, NM  87571