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Membership Levels

Who can become a member of TENT, and how much does a membership cost?

Anyone who lives in the TENT service area can become a member of TENT.  TENT’s membership levels and fees are: 

  • Individual membership – $350 per year or $32 per month – includes all social activities and all support services  with a year commitment.
  • Household membership – $450 per year or $40 per month – covers all persons living full-time in the same residence and includes all social activities and all support services. 

Membership Benefits

As a member of TENT, you have access to fun and interesting events, community support and a vetted vendor network to help you live comfortably and safely at home. Among the benefits of being a member are the following with Service details here

Concierge Service

• One-stop phone number for questions and service requests
• Friendly, familiar professional staff to answer your calls
• Confidential interactions


• Medical appointments
• Grocery shopping
• Errands (bank, pharmacy, stores)
• Other transportation as needed and available

In-Home Assistance

• Technical assistance and training on computer, iPads, SmartPhones
• Assistance with minor household tasks
• Companionship visits

Personal Support

• Daily check-ins with Village volunteers


We cannot provide medical services or support dementia patients

Contact us at or 575/224-6335 or TENT, PO Box 3561, Taos, NM  87571