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TENT is here to help.

A community of elders and neighbors supporting one another

Mission Statement

To connect members to resources needed to maintain comfortable, dignified, vibrant lives in their homes and community by providing appropriate services, activities, and programs that will further this purpose.


With Omicron's prevalence and the testing shortage, anyone with symptoms should assume they're positive. Patients are contagious one day before they test positive! Symptoms (if you have them) are easy to confuse with seasonal flu, allergies, and the common cold.

All of our volunteers are vaccinated but due to the current increase of Covid-19  cases we are again asking Members to request only essential services. Our aim is to reduce person to person contact.

  • Transport: Wear masks and the passenger rides in the rear seat opposite of the driver with diagonally opposite windows open to create an air curtain between driver and passenger. See article here.
  • Home visits: Member and volunteer must wear masks, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Public meetings: We will not resume public meetings until further notice. 
  • Shopping: If you can please use the services of the grocery stores to pre-pack your order then TENT will deliver your order.


Here is a link to the USPS free at home test kits:
- One order per residential address
- includes 4 rapid antigen tests
- shipping is free, starting in late January.

See these resources: 

Net Medical will be offering “same day”, free (for the client) rapid antigen testing at the Sagebrush Inn Convention Center (Piñon Room) starting on Wednesday, January 12. Sagebrush Inn: 1508 Paseo Del Pueblo Sur, Taos, NM 87571


The testing site will be open from 10 AM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday.

Clients can register for a test here:

Net Medical will also be offering “next day” Rapid PCR testing at the same location, M-F, 10 to 4, starting Monday, January 17th.

A few notes:

  1. Net Medical will collect ID and insurance information if available from clients for the purpose of billing insurance. Clients will never receive a bill for any Net Medical COVID testing service.
  2. Net Medical will not refuse service to anyone while testing supplies last.
  3. Test results are emailed to patients either the same day for rapid antigen tests or by the end of the next day for rapid PCR tests.
  4. Net medical is hiring testing specialist to work at the Taos location! To apply, email
  5. Volunteers are also being recruited to help with greeting clients and helping with traffic flow and social distancing at the testing site. To volunteer, please email
  6. For questions, please email . Please DO NOT call the Sagebrush Inn with testing questions
One of the current problems is that rapid antigen testing seems to be less accurate with omicron circulating than it was before. 
* A positive rapid antigen test indicates that a person is infectious with COVID and should isolate from others asap for at least 5 days
* A negative rapid antigen test in a person with any COVID symptoms doesn't rule out COVID infection.  This symptomatic person should isolate as possible and repeat testing in 1-2 days with PCR testing preferably.
TAKE-HOME MESSAGES: Omicron is super contagious. Our current testing supplies will unfortunately struggle to keep up.  Vaccines, including boosters, are the best protection from severe disease.  STAY HOME WHEN SICK!


Shots are available at pharmacies. Some require an appointment, so call before you go.

Holy Cross Hospital is offering free vaccinations outside the hospital on Wednesdays from 1 to 3pm.

Pre-register at


Juan I Gonzales Agriculture at 202 Chamisa Rd.

Friday Jan.  21st   10 AM to 5 PM

Kids - (5-11) Pfizer and Teens (12-17) Pfizer  

All  18 yrs. and older - Pfizer and Moderna available

All 12 years and older are eligible for booster if 5 months after the second vaccine.  

Register on DOH site if possible at 


Face Masks

Email Judy Esquibel to arrange pick up,

Transmission Rate



Keep track of case count in Taos County:


Stay up-to-date about the state’s vaccination effort, including the number of vaccines administered:


To see our community in action, click below. It’s worth your 7 minutes.
            TENT needs your help to help others.

Many elders in Taos have difficulty living alone without help. We are a community of elders and neighbors who will provide social contacts, transportation, minor home repairs, and caregiver relief. Would you like to help?


Volunteer Services

We have dozens of volunteers who have offered to provide transportation, social contact, minor housekeeping, and home repairs, occasional pet care or gardening, and caregiver relief.

Volunteers all have background screening and go through an orientation. We do not provide any medical services.

We started providing services in October 2018 and are always looking for new volunteers. Sign up here.


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Our Mission is to connect elders to resources needed to maintain comfortable, dignified, vibrant lives in their homes and community by providing appropriate services, activities, and programs that further this purpose.



Members commit to a full year (except Trial). Memberships receive all our services.  Sign up here.

  • Individual ($350/year or $32/month) 
  • Household ($450/year or $40/month)
  • Trial 3-month Individual for $150. 


You can become a Sustaining Member for a donation of $150/year or more. These funds will help support low-income members.

We accept donations of any amount.  Donate here.