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TENT is here to help.

A community of elders and neighbors supporting one another


We are completely shut down (except for pickup or delivery of food or medications) through November 30 because of the recent spike in virus cases. If Taos County stays home for two weeks and cases reduce, we can re-open in December.  Questions?


This web site has resources for us in Northern New Mexico. Click here.
For resources in the Enchanted Circle, Click here.

Very recently new COVID-19 cases in Taos County have spiked.

In order to limit exposure to you and the volunteers we are going to use the following approach, effective immediately and until further notice.

  • Transport: Please phone your provider and ask if this appointment can be postponed until after the number of new virus cases drops. If that is not possible, ask if the appointment can be remote. As a last resort TENT will attempt to find a Volunteer willing to transport you.
  • Shopping: We prefer to not ask our volunteers to go into stores to shop for you. Stores will pack a bag or box of groceries for pickup. We can arrange delivery if you tell us when and where to pick up.
    As a last resort TENT will attempt to find a Volunteer willing to shop for you. We will continue try to collect and deliver medications.
  • Home Maintenance or Technical help: Can this work can be done without close physical contact between Member and Volunteer? Understand that unless it is an emergency the mechanics who have the final say may not agree to enter your home.

June 2020 TENT will resume transport for non essential requests subject to a volunteer being available and all precautions listed in the policy being followed.  Membership fees  which have been waived for April and May will also resume June.

You can get tested and we encourage all volunteers and members to do so. Here are the details.
If you are symptomatic you can get tested any time. Otherwise phone Wednesday or Thursday to register for drive-through testing Friday morning. There are severely limited number of tests, so register early.

Be sure that you wear a mask and take a mask for the Member, if needed. If possible, meet outdoors while meeting and keep car windows open for good ventilation while transporting. (Email us at if you need masks.)
Avoid the three C's: closed spaces, crowded places, and close-contact settings.
To see our community in action, click below. It’s worth your 7 minutes.
            TENT needs your help to help others.

Many elders in Taos have difficulty living alone without help. We are a community of elders and neighbors who will provide social contacts, transportation, minor home repairs, and caregiver relief. Would you like to help?


Volunteer Services

We have dozens of volunteers who have offered to provide transportation, social contact, minor housekeeping, and home repairs, occasional pet care or gardening, and caregiver relief.

Volunteers all have background screening and go through an orientation. We do not provide any medical services.

We started providing services in October 2018 and are always looking for new volunteers. Sign up here.


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Our Mission is to connect elders to resources needed to maintain comfortable, dignified, vibrant lives in their homes and community by providing appropriate services, activities, and programs that further this purpose.



Members commit to a full year (except Trial). Memberships receive all our services.  Sign up here.

  • Individual ($350/year or $32/month) 
  • Household ($450/year or $40/month)
  • Trial 3-month Individual for $150. 


You can become a Sustaining Member for a donation of $150/year or more. These funds will help support low-income members.

We accept donations of any amount.  Donate here.