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Services to Members

These are the services that Taos Elders and Neighbors Together (TENT) offers to Members and for the Office (below). 
Availability of a service depends on having a volunteer available at the time you need it.

We take requests Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, up to a month in advance. Call 575/224-6335.

Note: Those services (except phone calls) are limited to 3 per week.  Service Area


Phone icon

Phoning an elder to check in regularly

This is simply calling one (or more) members on a regular (daily, weekly, etc) basis. The idea is to give the member more human contact and to make sure that member does not need anything that we can provide or arrange.

It will help TENT to report back to us on how well these contacts are going, even if they are going well. Or you might need to find a replacement volunteer. 

Auto transport icon

Transportation (driving, shopping, appointments, etc.)

Pick up the member at residence. Deliver the member to the desired destination. Arrange for pickup time to return home.

This may involve, for example, helping the member with shopping or running errands without the Member present.

For distant trips (generally medical appointments) the member is asked to reimburse the driver for expenses at 15¢/mile: Santa Fe - $20, Albuquerque - $40, Española - $15. 

Visit icon

Social – Home Visit

Visit the member in member home. Provide social contact.


Reading icon

Read books or Mail

Some of our members have poor eyesight and cannot read any longer. TV service is limited in Taos Valley. Thus we offer to go to a member residence and read to them. This may involve selecting or suggesting reading material.


Caregiver icon

Relieve care givers

Stay with a member to allow regular care-giver a brief respite.


Housekeeping icon

Light Housekeeping

Light housekeeping includes things like watering the plants, dusting of surfaces and knickknacks, as well as picking up newspapers, magazines and other clutter. It also includes emptying the trash, vacuuming and sweeping of main walk areas. It can also include organizing drawers, shelves and closets.

May include occasional deep cleaning of kitchen or bathroom.

Pet Care icon

Occasional pet care

This is generally short-term, and often involves either feeding and watering a pet or walking a dog.

The volunteer may walk the dog and the member together.


Tools icon

Simple home repairs or Handyman

Generally change light bulbs, fix minor plumbing leaks, etc.

Meet with resident and determine the extent of work. Assess liability issues and refer to Habitat for Humanity for larger or more risky tasks.


Gardening icon

Simple yard and garden tasks

Occasional cleanup, such as raking, mowing (if member is temporarily unable), etc. Watering plants indoors and outdoors.  Shovel snow.

Avoid regular yard maintenance, such as mowing.



Computer and Phone icon

Computer and Phone help

Train members to better use their computer, tablet, or telephone. Make minor configuration adjustments. Check for malware.


Dollar sign icon

Commercial Services


We do not recommend commercial services. 
Our volunteers may have ideas from their personal experience, but that is not endorsed by TENT.




Services to the Organization



Volunteers who manage various functions of TENT.



Find and write news stories. Edit. Submit photos. Layout newsletters. Publish news to our distribution list.


Office Administration

Plan, keep records, manage personnel, organize meetings


Office Answering Phones

Take calls from the public and refer caller to best person. 

Take requests from Members and record them in our computer system.


Office IT Technical

Make certain that all our computer technology works well and users know how to use it.


Volunteer Training and Coordination

Orient new Volunteers and train them in procedure. Keep them motivated and happy.






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