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TENT Facilitators


Jim Schultz

James Schultz

Nancy and I have lived in Taos since 2009 and have spent much of the time since then working on the remodeling of our Old Adobe. We love that work and the results.

We had helped my two 90+ year old parents finish their lives and it was a huge mess - painful for them and for us. Then when I read Being Mortal several years ago I could see there were better ways to do things as we got older.  

So my main drivers are that I want a good ending, I want to stay in the home we love,  I want to be active till the end, and I want to continue to be part of a loving community.   The creation of TENT can help reach those goals.

Bette Myerson

I’ve been involved in-home care through Mountain Home Health Care since 1985 and am aware of the needs of all of us as we age.  Since I have no children to look after me when I get older, and because I want to stay in Taos, I want to help develop a good support network.  My background is in health care administration and I’m very involved in interfaith/intercultural efforts here in Taos.  Long, long ago I studied Latin American Studies (which is how I got here in 1984: visiting my High  School Spanish teacher).  

Bette Myerson, Secretary. B.A. and M.A. in Latin American Studies.  M.S.W. in Social Work Administration. Lived in Taos 33 years.  Worked as Finance Director for Mountain Home Health Care (and hospice for nearly 29 years). 

Board Member
Dr. Caryle Zorumski

I relocated to Taos from the east coast and away from other family just before the tragedy of 9/11.  A few years later my remaining parent became unable to care for herself and bringing her to Taos was the only practical option. Her displacement from friends and familiar surroundings contributed to her declining health. TENT is the Taos alternative that offers an enriched life in our later years.

TENT is an important part of my community engagement and is a natural addition to 30+ years of professional practice that includes clinical and career counseling, education, governmental consultation, mediation, employee assistance, and program development.  Working with people of all ages I focus on relationships, infant/early childhood mental health, living with injury or illness, and the mind-body connection in healing. I hold a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and an EdD from The College of William and Mary.

Reggie Mosser

Raised in Ohio, I am a retired RN who moved from upstate NY (New Paltz) to Taos with my husband, George Brown, in 2010. I have been the treasurer of Los Jardineros Garden Club of Taos for many years. When TENT sprung up, I thought that this kind of community service was right up my alley. At first I was a regular volunteer and worked to help the new organization by keeping the volunteer records up-to-date as well as helping to provide services. I came on to the Board in July 2018 as Treasurer, and have found it very rewarding. The generosity of the greater Taos community to help and support the work of TENT is inspiring and positive and I am proud to be a part of such a great team of dedicated givers.



Tech Support
James R Ludden

After caring for my mother-in-law and later my wife as they were dying of cancer, I realized the importance of community support and social contact as we become less able to care for ourselves. When asked, I decided to apply my technical skills to developing a community to support the elderly in Taos, where there are many elderly isolated by infirmity, geography, and poverty.

I am a jack-of-all-trades, have a lot of irrelevant education, and has run several successful small businesses, and have worked as a scientist, engineer, and management consultant. I enjoy choral singing and working in the garden and hiked a lot in the past.

Jacob Crisp

Board Member
Jacob Crisp

Jacob Crisp is recent transplant to Taos, living in Ranchos de Taos. Jacob was recruited to work with Mountain Home Healthcare as their Director of Business Development while on sabbatical in México City, México. Jacob has been in Business Development for five years and considers relationships the most valuable asset that any organization can have. He has worked in the DC Metro area, and respective smaller communities. He is originally from Western North Carolina where he studied Religion and Philosophy and is currently pursuing a Latin American Studies degree. 

As a professional working in healthcare Jacob is acutely aware of the gaps that exist in our current model. He was incredibly glad to befriend leadership at TENT and see that there was an organization in Taos addressing those deficiencies.


Board Member - Volunteer

Honore Malony

I have lived in Taos since 1998. My husband and I moved back to the US after living in Halifax, Nova Scotia for 17 years. Knowing very little about the environment and culture of the area I joined and volunteered at the Native Plant Society as well as the Millicent Rogers Museum, where I continue to volunteer. John and I enjoyed many years of skiing and hiking until he passed away in 2017. 
Shortly after I learned about the start up of Tent and realized how important it is to have the hope and expectation of remaining in our homes as we age.  I was looking to the future too, because like many, I have no family nearby. I have three children, two living on the East Coat and one on the West Coast. I mainly drive members for their appointment, errands and shopping.

Yvonne Hayes

Board Member - Member

Yvonne Hayes

I moved to Taos six years ago from Santa Fe, after my husbands death. We lived there for 27 years commuting back and forth to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the summer and SF in the winter. We were fortunate to enjoy the mountain view and Lake Superior magical waters. Before Al’s long illness we joined Compassion and Choices and followed their protocol on  life and death planning. In the last stage of Al’s Alzheimer’s we were faced to either move to a facility that had a memory-care unit or accept my daughter’s offer to move in with them in Rhineland, Wisconsin. Our two years with Linda and Rick is a story in itself. We gave Al 24x7 hour care.
It was natural that I was interested in TENT right at the beginning. I feel it is very important to stay in one’s home as long as possible. It is apparent to me in my old age as much as I want to be independent at times I need assistance, welcome TENT.
My background: I lived in Michigan in my formative years, I received my BS and MA from Eastern Michigan University in Special Education. I worked in Dearborn school system. 
We had an active life, enjoyeing camping, hiking, skiing, swimming, boating, and traveling. Our other pastimes were reading and various hobbies. It was-a rich and rewarding life.



Kate Harris

Volunteer Coordinator

Kate Harris

I came to Taos 20 years ago after spending 20 years in the northern New Mexico mountains (I missed the electricity and running water!), and started my volunteer work as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA - for abused and neglected children), also sitting on the Citizen's Review Board, oversight for CASA.  Nursing my husband through a protracted, terminal illness led me to the Threshold Choir, an international group whose local chapters sing to clients in hospice.  From this came my ongoing volunteer work with Mountain Home Health Care as director of the local Threshold group.

I grew up in Indonesia and Paris, with a little Connecticut. I have enough college credits for a degree but due to ever-shifting interests have not completed such. (Although after taking a few classes at UNM I have discovered that "my" subject is geography!)  My experiences with my mother's Alzheimer's, my husband's illness, hospice work, and my own questioning about my future leads me to TENT, and I am delighted to be able to participate in this organization.


Member Intake

Charlene and Gary Shapiro

Charlene and I have lived in Taos for the past two years, having both retired from the health care profession in NY.  We traded the sea for the sky.  We both did homecare, Charlene as a nurse, myself as a physical therapist. 

After finding a house and settling in, we both still felt that our knowledge could be of service to the community.  With the advent of TENT we jumped at the opportunity to become volunteers.  When we were asked to become membership coordinators it felt like the universe was unfolding perfectly before our eyes.  We gratefully acknowledge the blessing of being able to use our experience to assist TENT in benefiting others.

David Silva

Member Care and Outreach

David Silva


Hard Workers


News Editor
Linda Thompson

We moved to Taos in 2001 from Oakland, CA, and opened a photography and writing business, High Mesa Productions. This included articles for magazines such as New Mexico Magazine, editing publications for the Foundation for Psychocultural Research, and twenty children's books on Native Peoples and the Expansion of America for Rourke Publishing Co. I taught two online copyediting courses for the University of California, Berkeley. The course "Grammar, Mechanics, and Usage for Editors" wasn't yet available online, and I developed its online version.

Previously, in California, I had 25 years of experience as editor and manager of publications for engineering companies, including writing and producing quarterly employee and client newsletters. My credentials include a B.A. in English from the University of Washington, an M.A. in English from San Francisco State University, and a secondary teaching credential from UCLA.

Events Coordinator



Ron Furedi

Ron Furedi spent the first 60 years of his life in New York, developing a career in medical marketing and advertising. During family travels and, in fact, in his wife Marianne's magnificent gardens, Ron has always taken joy in recording and enhancing floral images. The Furedi's moved to Taos in 2005, where Ron is delighted to have more time to devote to his love of floral art, and to various community volunteer activities.




News Publisher

Terry Thompson

My wife, Linda, and I moved to Taos in 2001 to escape the increasing overpopulation of the San Francisco Bay Area. I had spent 14 years there as a producer for an underwater film production company, followed by 7 years as an executive producer making multimedia training programs for children and adults. Landing in Taos with a new home (mortgage) and no work, I transitioned my long-time hobby of photography into an income-producing business with Linda’s help.

When I lost both of my parents in 2012, it made me keenly aware of how important it was for the elderly to receive proper care so they can continue to enjoy life. In my case, the task was made easier with the help of three siblings and family to take care of my parents in their home.  After their passing, the reality started to hit home as I thought about our future years with no children and no other relatives living within 1,000 miles. Getting involved in TENT was a start in figuring out how we would deal with our own aging in the years ahead. It is very satisfying to participate in the building of an “aging at home” structure here in Taos.

Nancy Ewing

Donor Renewal

Nancy Ewing

Born and raised in Dayton, OH, and after getting a B.S. in Applied Science at Miami University (Oxford, OH), I’ve been moving around ever since. My life has stretched to the east coast, to Colorado, to a couple of years in Asia, back to the Midwest and then back to Denver and Taos for my retirement. My career gave me experience in technology and insurance, as well as skills in sales, business management, training, professional and personal coaching and writing.

Although Taos is my second home, I want to give back to it and to make personal connections here, so volunteering for TENT fits right in.